50 Cent & Starz Suing French Montana Over POWER Scene Leak!


50 Cent and French Montana’s feud started when French bought a 2008 Bugatti and posted a photo online. Fif, who bought the latest 2020 Bugatti recently, didn’t leave the opportunity and made fun of French for buying the older version Bugatti.

Since that first shot, both French and 50 Cent have been grilling each other on social media.

Over the weekend, French seemed to have crossed the line when he LEAKED Fifty’s hit show Power clip on Instagram, ruining the show for millions of fans.

According to sources, 50 Cent and Power network Starz are preparing to launch a lawsuit against French Montana for LEAKING the clip illegally.

“What French did was outrageous and illegal, we’re going after him,” a source of the show confirmed. “It’s pretty cut and dry, from a legal standpoint. He’s going to have to pay millions for this.”

The source confirmed that even if French doesn’t have millions to pay up, there’s a lot of assets that the lawsuit will force him to give up.

This is the clip that French posted online of the upcoming TV show Power.

This is a developing story. So stay tuned to learn more about it.


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